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Julie Crothers presents Are You There God? It’s me, Jules, a rambunctious, cheeky, and only mildly irreverent one-woman show incorporating dance, theater, story-telling, song, and many costume changes.


Inspired by Julie’s personal experience of growing up in a conservative Christian church in Tennessee, Are You There God? It’s me, Jules is a coming-out story of sorts and a grand celebration of all things bright, bold, and gay. This work loosely follows the structure of a typical church service and introduces many characters: the preacher, god, JC with a wrench, and others- each a unique personification of the dancer’s queerness and each striving to control the telling of their own story. As the piece progresses, they unravel in different ways, revealing the unseen aspects of their identities. The lines between the characters start to blur as they transition and morph into and out of Jules, who is learning once again to question, to wonder, and to allow herself to be constantly becoming. Deeply heartfelt and delightfully unpredictable, Are You There God? It’s me, Jules encourages laughter, self-reflection, and shameless acceptance of our most true selves. Featuring original music by Ben Juodvalkis and lighting design by Maxx Kurzunski.


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